Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Brussels Holds a Book Launch Ceremony

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Brussels held a ceremony to launch the book “Iraqi Artists in Belgium” with the attendance of a number of visual artists and members of the Iraqi community.

The embassy, in cooperation with Iraqi visual artists in the Kingdom of Belgium, took the initiative to prepare and publish the book which included 31 artists and approximately 185 artistic works distributed between painting, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, graphic works and modern arts.

Ambassador Ahmed Berwari confirmed, through a speech he delivered at the ceremony, that the main goal of the book is to support the efforts of Iraqi artists in the diaspora and also to promote Iraq’s name through their artistic works that reflect the civilization and art of Mesopotamia, and among the Embassy strategy is providing continuous support to the members of the Iraqi community in their various specializations and across various levels.

On his part, the artist Wael Albadri, who represented the artists in a speech at the ceremony, stated that the embassy’s initiative to prepare the book created an important incentive and motivation for the artists to provide more creativity, as the book is a source of pride for all of them, and it is a qualitative leap in the embassy’s strategy to support the members of the Iraqi community in the Kingdom of Belgium, appreciating the Embassy’s efforts, seriousness and diligent work to provide best services.