Iraq’s Ambassador to Russia Meets Head of Republic of Dagestan

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation Dr. Kahtan Taha Khalaf, met with Head of the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation, Sergey Melikov, on Friday, April 6, 2024, upon the invitation extended to him to visit Dagestan with a number of heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Russia.

During the event Ambassador Khalaf, delivered a speech in which he praised Russia’s positions in support of Iraq and Arab issues, especially the Palestinian issue, and its clear position in support the Palestinian people right to self-determination and their land liberation.

The Ambassador called for continuing support to the Palestinian issue and stopping the genocide and serious human rights violations committed by the Israeli entity against them, urging the international community to send humanitarian aid and stop the famine that the people of Gaza are suffering from.

On his part, the Head of the Republic of Dagestan expressed his support for Iraq’s stance towards the Palestinian issue, and the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.