Iraq’s Charge d’Affairs to United Nations Meets Secretary General of United Nations Mr. António Guterres

The Charge d’affairs ad interim of the Permanent Mission of Iraq to UN in New York, Dr. Abbas Kadhom Obaid met with Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. António Guterres.

During the meeting Mr. Guterres expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude for the generous donation made by the Government of Iraq to UNRWA, describing it as a major step for humanitarian support.

On his part, Mr. António Guterres extended his cordial greetings to the Prime Minister and to his Deputy the Foreign Minister, additionally Mr. Obaid indicated that the donation made by Iraq to UNRWA is a fulfillment of its obligations towards alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people, the humanitarian disaster they are going through, as well as to enable UNRWA to continue implementing its mandate and to address its funding challenges in these circumstances.

They also discussed developments related to the Palestinian issue, and views were exchanged on the current situation, in addition to the necessary efforts to achieve stability in the region and the importance of implementing relevant United Nations resolutions.

As part of the meeting, the relations between Iraq and the United Nations and its specialized agencies operating in Iraq was reviewed, the Chargé d’affaires expressed his appreciation for the efforts exerted by United Nations and international agencies in providing assistance and technical support to Iraq during the past two decades, highlighting the developments and achievements accomplished by the Iraqi government over this period across several fields, the Secretary General praised the roles played by Iraq and the achievements, expressing his readiness to meet Iraq’s needs and continue to provide assistance.