Iraq’s Ambassador in Brussels Receives European Union Counter Terrorism Coordinator

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Brussels Mr. Ahmed Tahseen Berwari, received the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Mr. Bartjan Wegter, and his accompanying delegation, at the embassy in Brussels, on March 25.

Ambassador Berwari welcomed Mr. Wegter in the beginning of the meeting and wished him success in his new duties, highlighting the great cooperation and coordination between Iraq and international institutions most notably the European Union institutions specialized in countering terrorism, which gained Iraq experience as a consequence of the attacks it faced by terrorist organizations and the security, social and humanitarian impacts it caused until now.

Ambassador Berwari, appreciated the role of international missions that are assisting Iraq to confront terrorist organizations and provide security for its citizens, including the European Union Advisory Mission and the NATO mission in Baghdad.

On his part, Mr. Wegter indicated that one of his priorities is to follow up on the issue of the camps of Daesh terrorist group members and their families, indicating that his office is working to resolve the fate of these detainees in cooperation with countries that have citizens in those camps, including member states of the European Union, although the decision to return them is linked to the decision of each member state, European Union institutions can urge member states to receive their detained nationals and try them in their countries of origin if there are cases against them.

The two sides also agreed on the continued and direct contact between the Iraqi Embassy in Brussels and the European Coordinator’s Office, to enhance cooperation between Iraq and the European Union in the field of combating terrorism.