Undersecretary for Bilateral Relations Receives Delegation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization

On Sunday, March 10, 2024, Undersecretary for Bilateral Relations Ambassador Muhammad Hussein Muhammad Bahr Al-Ulum, received NATO a delegation, in addition to the Ambassadors of Germany, Netherlands, and the Ambassador of the NATO mission to Iraq, as well as a group of field staff working in Iraq, the meeting took place at the Ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad.

During the meeting Undersecretary Bahr Al-Ulum, extended his thanks for the support provided by NATO to Iraq during its war against Daesh terrorist groups, praising the security and military cooperation in the field of training various security forces, stressing Iraq’s commitment to provide the necessary protection for members of the organization working in Iraq, Mr. Bahr Al-Ulum discussed the request submitted by Iraq for NATO to increase the number of seats granted to Iraq for the purpose of military and security training .

The delegation extended thanks to the Iraqi government for hosting the NATO delegation of experts, and affirmed the alliance’s commitment to support and assist Iraq in the field of training, building military capabilities, and exchanging information, in addition to, they extended an invitation to Undersecretary Bahr Al-Ulum to participate in the high-level talks between Iraq and NATO scheduled to be held in Brussels during the month of April.