Undersecretary for Political Planning Discusses Iraq’s Foreign Policy Priorities at Al Rafidain Dialogue Forum

Undersecretary for Political Planning Ambassador Hisham Al Alawi, participated in the 5th edition of Al Rafidain Dialogue Forum under the theme “Future of Mankind: Crises and Transformation”, held in Baghdad for the period March 4-6, 2024. During The Third Session of the forum, entitled (Multipolarity: Who Rules the world), Undersecretary Al Alawi, stressed the principles of Iraq’s foreign policy, stating that Iraq’s government adopted a balanced policy towards its regional and international environment, indicating Iraq’s aim to develop its bilateral relations with important countries, and enhancing regional stability by ending wars and conflicts and establishing peace, achieving economic integration to serve common interests, in addition to activating Iraq’s presence in regional and international organizations, the Forum was attended by ambassadors from the United Kingdom, India, and the European Union, as well as Dr. Vian Sabri, member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.