Iraq organizes High-Level Meeting to Celebrate International Day for Prevention of Violent Extremism as and when Conducive to Terrorism at U.N headquarters in New York

Iraq’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, in cooperation with the National Security Advisory, held a high-level meeting, chaired by the Charge d’Affaires of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations in New York, Dr. Abbas Khadim Obaid, to Celebrate the International Day for Prevention of Violent Extremism as and when Conducive to Terrorism, at U.N headquarters in New York, which was adopted pursuant to United Nations General Assembly resolution, submitted by Iraq in the 2022, as part of Iraq’s efforts to define the causes of terrorism, ways to prevent it, and the national measures and achievements in countering it.

The Meeting was attended by the President of the General Assembly Mr. Dennis Francis, the Under Secretary-General of the UN Counterterrorism Office Mr. Vladimir Frankov, and the UN Under Secretary-General and UN Women Executive Director Ms. Sima Bahous, in addition to they made significant statements that reflects the United Nations’ interest in this event. As well Mr. Qasim Al-Araji the National Security Advisor, participated through a speech recorded and delivered at the Meeting, in which he referred to Iraq’s unique experience in dealing with confronting violent extremism and the national measures taken that made Iraq an international model to be emulated,  a number of permanent representatives for member states of the United Nations, also participated and made statements expressing their gratitude for organizing the Meeting and its importance, the representatives of the National Committee for Countering Violent Extremism, also attended this Meeting.