Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Presides 5th Meeting of Ministerial Council for Economy

On Monday, February 12, 2024, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Dr. Fuad Hussein, Presided the fifth meeting of the Ministerial Council for Economy, the Meeting was attended by Ministers of Agriculture, Industry, Labor and Social Affairs, the Governor of Iraq’s Central Bank, the Chairman of the Securities Commission, Prime Minister’s advisors for economic and legal affairs, and Oil Ministry Undersecretary.

The Council discussed the topics on its agenda, and took the necessary actions regarding them, in addition to approved an increase in the reserve percentage for the project of establishing a public hospital with a capacity of 100 bed in the Al-Garma area.

The Council also decided to change the name of the project to rehabilitate and pave Al-Tahwila Road in Diyala Governorate, based on the request of the Ministry of Planning, as well as recommending the Council of Ministers to issue a decision obliging the investors and contractors to implement the thermal insulation code for new cities, residential complexes and government buildings for a healthy environment, and reducing the use of electrical energy for cooling and heating.