Iraq Chairs Meetings of the Committee for Defending Arab Rights to Water

The Arab Center for Legal and Judicial Research in Beirut held the third Meeting of the Committee for Defending Arab Rights to Water with the participation of representatives of Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Qatar, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia. At the start of the meeting, Assistant to the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Ambassador Abdul Rahman Al-Solh, welcomed the participants wishing the Committee success in accomplishing its duties.
During the Meeting Iraq was elected to preside the Committee Meetings represented by Counselor Sufyan Faraj Abbas from the Legal Department at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, The Meetings of this Committee which was formed according to a resolution issued by the Council of Arab Justice Ministers, falls within the framework of the Center’s efforts to develop an Arab strategy to protect water and promote regional and international cooperation, aimed to ensuring optimal utilization of water in accordance with international agreements, in order to achieve standards of sustainability and transparency, as well meet the requirements of Sustainable development in Arab countries to confront the water crisis, and the challenges associated with the effects of climate change.