Foreign Ministry’s Team Reviews its Third Report on the National Strategic Plan for Implementing Integrity and Anti-Corruption 2021-2024

The Foreign Ministry Team Presided by the Acting Head of the Political Planning Department Counselor Haider Ali Cozaad and the membership of the Ministry’s employees from the administrative, consular, media, legal, financial, and communications departments, reviewed its Report for the year 2023, and its strategic plan, in line with the national strategy for implementing integrity and reducing corruption, the plan included monitoring, diagnosing and Analyzing the facets of corruption and its risks, as well as preparing national indicators and developing effective solutions within the framework of general and procedural objectives, in addition to presenting the best alternatives, programs and procedures that can be taken within a specific time frame and submitting them to the decision-making center in the ministry or the concerned authority.
The team was able to identify the sources and facets of corruption, effective solutions, mechanisms, the steps taken by the Ministry in this field, the percentages of the achieved progress and on top of those goals the comprehensive transformation to electronic governance at end of the time frame for the National Strategy 2021-2024, in addition to the simplification of procedures for citizens, opening certification offices in nine governorates, and completing plans to open five more during this year, in addition to an office in Al- Rusafa district.