Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Receives Head of UNITAD

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein received Head of the United Nations Investigative team to promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Daesh (UNITAD) Mr. Christian Ritscher, accompanied by his Team members at the Ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad, on Tuesday January 30, 2024.

Minister Hussein, affirmed the importance of UNITAD role in preserving and documenting evidence, in addition to what it can provide in order to bring justice to the victims and publicize the violations committed against them, stressing the Ministry’s continued support for the team’s work until the completion of its tasks in Iraq.

On his part, Mr Ritscher underscored the importance of the team’s work and its role in promoting accountability towards the crimes and atrocities committed by Da’esh terrorist groups in Iraq, as well as reflecting realistic images of the scale of violations committed by Da’esh against the people of the areas which it held control over, extending his thanks to the Ministry’s leadership for the provided support to the team’s work in Iraq.