Undersecretary for Political Planning Attends Dialog Session on Developments of Events in Yemen and the Region

Undersecretary for Political Planning Affairs Ambassador Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, attended a Dialog Session held at the Ministry’s headquarters, on Tuesday January 23, 2024. under the title “Yemen between Al-Aqsa Flood and the operation Prosperity Guardian”. The Session was attended by head and employees of the Political Planning Department, in addition to several employees from other departments of the Ministry.
Speakers at the Session reviewed the developments of events in Palestine, Yemen, and neighboring countries in the region and the probable turn of events during the coming period.
In his speech, during the session Dr. Al-Alawi affirmed that Iraq was and remains concerned about the possibility of escalation and the occurrence of a regional war, due to the continued aggression by Occupation entity in Gaza and its repercussions, especially after the recent developments in Yemen and neighboring countries and the conflict parties’ reactions towards it. In addition the Undersecretary added that these events constant pressure on the occupation government that lead to acceptance of a ceasefire in Gaza sooner or later, in addition to the divided public opinion within the occupation entity between supporters and opponents of the continues war on Gaza.

The Undersecretary urged Ministry’s employees to follow up on the results of the lawsuit filed by South Africa against the Zionist entity at the International Court of Justice.