Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Londen Organizes TAQAT Forum

Under the slogan “TAQAT Forum London” the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in London organized Iraq’s energies Forum, with the participation of the Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Ahmed Almubarqa, Prime Minister’s Advisor for Youth and Sports Affairs Dr. Iyad Bunyan, members of the Iraqi community, institutions, companies, and non-governmental organizations. TAQAT Forum aims to introduce the youth energies from the Iraqi community in the United Kingdom and highlight their skills and experiences in the fields of, health, education, investment, volunteer work, financial and banking sector and technology.
During the event the participants presented an introduction to their field of work, explaining the challenges and difficulties they faced during their professional journey, in addition to the various projects they established in Iraq and the great successes they achieved, highlighting how some of them returned to their homeland in order to motivate the youth to return as well.
The TAQAT Forum included dialogue sessions in which the participants exchanged ideas, visions, points of view, presenting successful experiences, and innovative solutions for how to implement projects in Iraq. The participants and attendees extended their thanks and appreciation to the Iraqi Embassy for its part in sponsoring and organizing this forum, as it has a major role in the development and prosperity of Iraq.