Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Delivers a Lecture at Vienna School of International Studies

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, delivered a lecture at Vienna School of International Studies entitled “The Middle East in 2024 Challenges and Opportunities”, on January 22, 2024, in the attendance of the Director of the Academy Mr. Emil Brix, and a number of diplomats, political figures, Iraqi students studying in Vienna and researchers in Middle East affairs.

During the lecture, the Minister touched on the development of the democratic process in Iraq, recent local council elections, and Iraq’s endeavor to assume its natural position in the region and the international community. Minister Hussein, indicated Iraq’s Stance towards the Palestinian issue, which emphasizes on the necessity of stopping this war that has begun to expand and threaten the entire region, which will not be in the interest of any regional party, especially since wars were never a solution, stressing on the need to control this war and stop it as soon as possible.

In another context, Mr. Hussein highlighted the economic situation, the plans to build a diversified economy that does not depend on rentier, by creating different industries, gas production, reviving the agricultural sector, in order to rely on Iraqi competencies and manpower in producing electricity and investing in infrastructure.