The League of Arab States Adopts a Rsolution Condemning the Iranian strikes on Erbil

The League of Arab States strongly condemned the Iranian strikes on Erbil on Tuesday, July 16, 2024, and adopted a seven paragraph draft resolution in this regard, after Iraq called for an emergency session on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

The Resolution included strong condemnation of the strikes on the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which led to the martyrdom of innocent citizens and the destruction of civilian sites, considering this attack as a blatant aggression on the sovereignty of Iraq, and the security of the Iraqi people, as well a serious breach of the principles of good neighborliness, laws, and international character and norms.

The Resolution as well condemned all the justifications and pretexts of the Iranian government that do not give any country the right to violate the sovereignty of another, threaten the lives of its citizens, in contravention of rules of international law and the United Nations Charter.

The Resolution held Iran accountable for all the consequences and the results of this violation, considering it a dangerous precedent, if repeated may disturb peace and security in the region entirely.

The Resolution affirmed the unity and sovereignty of the Iraqi territory against any external attack or violation, emphasizing on Iraq’s right as a founding member of the League of Arab States and a member of the United Nations, to restore to all guaranteed diplomatic and legal means, under international law and United Nations Charter and League of Arab States Charter to respond to these Violations.

The Resolution called on the Arab member in the Security Council, in coordination with the Republic of Iraq, to mobilize the necessary support for issuing resolutions that condemn this attack as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a breaching for the principles of good neighborliness, and international law and norms.

In addition, the Arab League assigned the Council of Arab Ambassadors in New York, Geneva, Vienna, Brussels, Washington, London, Paris, Beijing and Moscow to relay the resolution to the foreign ministries of those countries as well the international organizations presented in their regions, requesting Secretary General of the Arab League to follow up this issue and address the member states of the Security Council and Secretary General of the United Nations on the content of this Resolution, as well pursue the complaint filed by Iraq to the Security Council and submitting a report to the Arab League Council in its next session.