The Government of the Republic of Iraq expresses its strong condemnation and Denunciation of the Iranian attacks against the city of Erbil, represented by ballistic missiles strikes on safe residential areas which led to civilian casualties. And in view of the destruction caused by the strikes and the fall of many innocent victims as a result of the bombing of residential homes, including the residence of the Kurdish businessman Peshraw Dizayee and his family, which led to his martyrdom and the injury of his family members.
The Government of the Republic of Iraq considers this behavior an aggression against the sovereignty of Iraq and the security of the Iraqi people, and an offense to the principles of good neighborliness and the security of the region, and it confirms that it will take all legal measures against it, including submitting a complaint to the Security Council.
In this context, the Prime Minister decided to form a committee headed by the National Security Advisor to investigate the attack and collect information to support the Government’s position internationally and provide accurate evidence and information. The results of the investigation will be announced to inform Iraqi and international public opinion of the facts and prove the falseness of the claims of the parties behind these condemnable acts.
Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Iraq
Media Office
January 16, 2024