Since the unjust war and aggression the occupation forces launched against the Gaza Stripe, Iraq has issued warnings that the consequences of continuing to support the usurping entity, and the major countries not assuming their responsibilities, will lead to matters sliding towards comprehensive developments that will not stop at the borders of Gaza and the Palestinian lands, leading the threat of war and spread of violence to surrounds the entire region.
With complete disregard for calls to stop the war, even by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. António Guterres, the occupation’s aggressive behavior continued with many western countries standing behind it by insisting on supporting the genocidal war against Palestinians.

While we stress the necessity of maintaining freedom of navigation in international waters we condemns the assault on Yemen and its sovereignty. we believe that expanding the scope of targets does not represent a solution to the problem, rather pushes towards expanding the scope of war, while the solution lies in the security council exercising its responsibilities, and to issue a resolution stopping the aggressive and the brutal war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Stripe.

Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Iraq
Media Office
January 12, 2024.