The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Paris participates in the UNESCO ceremony to inaugurate the Journey of the Bells to Mosul with the Director-General of the Organization

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Paris, Dr. Wadih Betty at the ceremony dedicated to sending the bells of the Clock Church in the city of Mosul, which took place on Monday, corresponding to 5 /12/2022, under the auspices of Mrs. Audrey Azuleh, Director General of UNESCO, in the Normandy region in the city of Villedieu-les-Poêles, where they visited together the foundry that completed It contains the bells designated for the Church of the Hour, as they are supposed to be shipped very soon to the city of Mosul.

The Ambassador stressed the importance and symbolism of this initiative, which was sponsored by UNESCO and in coordination with specialists in the city of Mosul, and the depth of the message it carries, as it refers to love and the desire for coexistence in peace and tranquility among all members of the Iraqi people. Mosul in particular, this ancient city with its history, which suffered what it suffered at the hands of terrorist groups, returns to spread love and peace.

For her part, Mrs. Audrey Azuleh affirmed the support of the organization through the initiative to revive the city of Mosul for the reconstruction of the city and the archaeological areas that surround it, referring to the coordination with specialists in the city of Mosul, including engineers, a number of whom were recently hosted by UNESCO to work together on projects for the reconstruction of archaeological areas and heritage.

I also thanked everyone who contributed to the completion and completion of the work of the bells, which will soon go to the city of Mosul to deliver a message of love and solidarity from the French people to the Iraqi people and to the residents of the city of Mosul in particular.