Ambassador Abdul Rahman Al-Husseini Welcomes the Russian ambassador in Iraq

Today, Wednesday, corresponding to 11/30/2022, Ambassador Abdul Rahman Al-Husseini welcomes the Russian Ambassador in Iraq, Mr. Elbrus Kotrashev, in his office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HQ in Baghdad.

During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Moscow, and the two sides also reviewed the prospects for cooperation between the two countries in the political, economic and scientific fields, especially in the investment sectors, as this reflects the consolidation of relations and directing them towards confronting the challenges that occupy the world.

Ambassador Al-Husseini indicated the need for coordination and cooperation with the Russian side, with the aim of benefiting from joint efforts to reduce the trap of Iraqi immigrants in the traps of smuggling and human trafficking networks. Referring to the role played by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in stimulating voluntary return during the past periods, which resulted in the return of more than (3800) Iraqi immigrants, through the efforts made by the embassies of the Republic of Iraq in Moscow, Poland, Hungary and Romania; Ambassador Al-Husseini revealed the dangers afflicting a number of immigrants as a result of deceiving them, explaining the continuation of cooperation with the Russian side in this field in order to preserve the security of Iraqi travelers.