The Theme of the slogan of the Ancient Civilization Forum:

The Sun is the source of energy and life on Earth. Therefore, there was a close and sacred connection between ancient human civilizations and the Sun. All those civilizations were sacred the Sun and considered it a source of life.. So the shape of the sun was derived as a slogan for this Forum in its sixth version, which will be held in Iraq.

The sunray is considered to be one of the writings invented by the Sumerians.

This is the first letter (token) that humanity knew, it is the first sign of the first cuneiform writing from which science and knowledge came out to the whole world.

And when these letters come together, they represent the sun’s rays, so the association of all ancient civilizations with the sun was sacred.The sun represents the basic element of life on earth, and the basis of its existence, with its light that illuminates the darkness for us and gives us hope.

As we know, there is no light without a source, and that is what represents to us the center of the giant star which lights up our life and the Sun had a close relation with the Sumerians.

They used to believe that Utu was the God of the Sun, who lived according to ancient beliefs in the core of the sun, and who was responsible for its rise.

The Pharaohs also believed that the God “Ra” was the God of sun and sky; he is responsible for the creation of the earth and what is in it. The Greeks believed that Apollo was also the God of the Sun.

Kin is the god of the sun in the Mayan civilization, so the symbol of the sun was derived as a slogan for the Ancient Civilizations Forum because the sun is related with all civilizations.