Deputy Prime Minister,Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein, during his speech at the Manama Dialogue Forum; The challenges that the region is going through require unifying efforts to confront them

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein confirmed; The region is going through great challenges and exceptional circumstances, and this requires us to unite efforts to confront them, and give priority to the language of dialogue in order to create a stable and natural environment that guarantees a safe and dignified life for the peoples of the region, and in which the requirements of decent living and economic and social prosperity are met.

host In this conference, we look forward to producing tangible results that contribute to facing challenges and finding appropriate solutions. The need to strengthen regional and international cooperation and joint efforts to achieve security and stability.

This came in a speech delivered by the Minister at the 18th Regional Security Summit / Manama Dialogue, which is taking place in the Bahraini capital, Manama.

The Minister referred to the strategic importance of the Middle East region politically, economically, socially and geographically, by virtue of its geopolitical advantages, which can be a springboard for global peace and prosperity, by taking serious and realistic steps to stop the conflicts and crises that ravage the region, as it is not in our interest All of us want our region to remain hostage to the tense atmosphere and instability.

praying; It is of great importance to discuss challenges and problems in their various political, security, and economic aspects, and with the participation of concerned specialists from different countries of the world, as it constitutes an important opportunity to find appropriate solutions to end instability in the Middle East region in particular, and in the world as a whole, and to maintain security. and societal, regional and international peace.

Adding: Iraq has strengthened its efforts by adopting a comprehensive national strategy to combat terrorism, on top of which is the terrorist organization ISIS, and to prevent it from penetrating into society or controlling cities, and that the Iraqi government continues its cooperation with all countries of the world, and Arab countries in particular to strengthen international measures that limit terrorist activities; Not only in Iraq, but in the countries of the region and the world as a whole, in addition to working hard and tirelessly to prevent the entry of foreign fighters or suspected individuals, drying up financial support for them, and keeping pace with the work with the team of the group on “the work of foreign terrorist fighters for the international coalition” and the recommendations contained in Security Council Resolution No. (2178) of 2014, urging states to fully implement their obligations in accordance with international resolutions related to combating terrorism and its financing, and discovering the locations of the terrorist organization ISIS and places where funds and movable and immovable assets are stored, while banning all forms of financial support for the terrorist organization obtained from smuggling antiquities .

The Minister stressed Iraq’s endeavor to enhance work in the fields of legal, judicial and security cooperation, by seeking to conclude memorandums of understanding and agreements with the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries, towards strengthening cooperation in the fields of security and economic diplomacy, and Iraqi diplomacy strives to build distinguished relations with all countries The world and with all United Nations bodies, international and regional organizations and the European Union, to preserve the continuity of the achievements made between Iraq and its regional and international surroundings.

Regarding the repercussions of climate change, Minister Fuad Hussein stressed that our region today and the entire world are facing great challenges due to the climate changes that have affected the planet, as a result of global warming and the increase in carbon dioxide emissions, stressing Iraq’s keenness and solidarity with the international community to reach a safe and sustainable environment to ensure a future Earth and future generations, we support all international initiatives and measures aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change and finding appropriate solutions to it, in a way that contributes to preserving the integrity of the environment, praising the United Nations Climate Summit (COP27) hosted by the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt for the period 6-18 of this month and the results that resulted from it.

Minister Hussein referred to the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and its repercussions on the Middle East region, which cast a shadow on the global economy, especially the shortage of food and energy supplies, which requires finding understandings among all countries to solve the problems facing them, as the indicators of political, security and economic stability , is still far away, which necessitates the international community to take serious and effective steps to find radical and realistic solutions to resolve the existing differences, by adopting the language of dialogue, resorting to the negotiating table and advancing common interests.

The minister stressed the importance of resolving conflicts, especially the ongoing ones in the Middle East region, as a basic priority for establishing security and stability, foremost of which is finding a comprehensive and permanent solution to the Palestinian issue, based on the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people, according to their will, as reaching a just solution to the Palestinian issue is based on Resolutions of international legitimacy and international law will be the gateway to achieving stability in the Middle East.

The Yemeni crisis also constitutes a state of instability, which may have far-reaching effects on the countries of the region. In this regard, Iraq affirms the adoption of means of dialogue between the Yemeni parties, giving priority to the national interest and settling the crisis by peaceful means. It also supports all efforts aimed at extending the armistice to reach a comprehensive solution. to the crisis once and for all, and at the same time we support all international negotiations and consultations concerned with the Yemeni issue, which guarantee the rights of Yemen, and restore security and stability to its quarters.

The Minister affirmed Iraq’s support for the path of settling the Libyan crisis, and achieving comprehensive national reconciliation

Libyan institutions suggest that they be removed from external interference and that all foreign forces present on their lands withdraw. Therefore, the international community is required to support all efforts required by the process of establishing peace and stability in Libya, as it is an important step for achieving stability in the region in general.

On the developments of the political situation in Iraq, the Minister explained: The formation of the new government cabinet is within the framework of proceeding on the democratic path to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people, and that the most important priorities of this government are to work seriously and urgently to improve and develop services that affect the lives of citizens, support the poor groups and address Unemployment, reforming the economic and financial sectors, and combating corruption, in a way that contributes to promoting a decent life, the requirements of prosperity and building a better future for our people.

As for the external level; He pointed out that the government of Iraq is continuing at a steady pace in international partnerships and building the best relations regionally and internationally on the basis of mutual respect and promotion of bilateral interests, and at the regional and international levels, moving away from the policy of axes and adopting the principle of balance, on the basis of brotherhood and social, historical and cultural interdependence with the countries of the geographical surroundings to confront The current international challenges, in light of the serious events, conflicts and crises that the Arab region and the Middle East are going through, require concerted efforts to confront them and find peaceful solutions to them.