Iraq organizes a special event on prosecuting international crimes committed by ISIS. Leadership responsibility, identifying leaders, and the role of foreign fighters in the terrorist organization

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo and its Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States, Dr. Ahmed Nayef Rashid Al-Dulaimi, Deputy National Security Adviser Dr. Essam Hatem Hussein Al-Saadi, Nineveh Investigation Court Judge Mr. Yassin Muhammad Fathi and Mr. Nabil Karim Hassoun the Central Investigation Court Judge in Rusafa, at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States with the special event organized by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Secretariat of the League Arab countries and the  United Nations Office The United Nations Team to Investigate ISIS Crimes (UNTAD), which was held under the title “Towards Prosecuting International Crimes Committed by ISIS Group : Leadership Responsibility, Identifying Leaders, and the Role of Foreign Fighters in the Terrorist Organization.”

This special event comes to highlight the ongoing work being done by the Iraqi government and the Iraqi judiciary in partnership with the Investigative Team in pursuit of accountability for international ISIS crimes.

During the event, the efforts of the Iraqi government to fight ISIS, defeat it and prove their crimes through evidence, documents and eyewitness interviews were reviewed, and an emphasis was placed on urging countries to fully implement their obligations in the field of combating terrorism and its financing in accordance with relevant international resolutions, and the continued cooperation of all countries in supporting Iraq to rehabilitate the liberated areas and provide them with security.