The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches an electronic Inquiry System

Proceeding with the government’s tendency to automate work in the Iraqi state ministries, and in implementation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ approach to developing work in the ministry’s departments, especially the consular department in it and our missions working abroad, and facilitating consular work procedures in a way that serves Iraqi citizens, and reduces effort and time for employees working in it.

Under the direct guidance of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Fouad Hussein,  to the respected ICASS team, and to complement the team’s work in automating the work of the consular department.

The Ministry announces the launch of an inquiry system to complement the previous three systems (audit, citizen, authentication), which will enable citizens to inquire about the authenticity of the issuance of documents issued by our consular missions working abroad and follow up, and follow up on all correspondences made in this regard and received by our ministries by state ministries and authorities Other concerned parties without the need to visit the ministry building, and this is done through: –

Through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Or directly via the following link

Or by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone located at the bottom of the consular document issued by the mission, and clicking on the link it contains, to view all incoming and outgoing correspondence in this regard.