Head of the Department of Asia and Australia meets the Indian Ambassador in Iraq

Today, Sunday, 13/11/2022, Ambassador Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, Head of the Asia and Australia Department, met with Mr. Prashant Bisai, India’s Ambassador in  Iraq, at the Ministry’s headquarters.

Ambassador Al-Alawi affirmed the new Iraqi government’s interest in strengthening its relations in its regional environment and with friendly countries on the basis of the principle of mutual respect and achieving common interests, and activating Iraq’s role in Arab, regional and international forums, pointing to the government’s desire to expand bilateral cooperation with India, and raise the volume of trade exchange that witnessed Growing growth in recent years, benefiting from India’s distinguished expertise in priority sectors such as energy, information technology, agriculture, industry, education and health.

For his part, the Indian ambassador delivered the letter from the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, which included congratulating him on the occasion of his reelection as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and inviting His Excellency to visit India as soon as possible.

He also expressed his country’s readiness to provide its expertise in several fields, including energy, health, railways and information technology, and to organize training courses for Iraqi national cadres.