During his meeting with a number of the ministry’s ambassadors and employees; Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussein inaugurates a phase described as new and identifies “economic diplomacy” that will be our effective way

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussein met with a number of ambassadors and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This came during a welcoming ceremony held by the ministry to mark the minister’s renewal of diplomacy.

During the meeting, the Minister presented the most important works to be approved during the next stage, foremost of which is strengthening the work of economic diplomacy and raising the level of efficiency of the administrative apparatus at the center of the ministry and the Iraqi missions, in addition to completing the training steps and raising the capabilities of the staffing in the ministry, through the Foreign Service Institute.

In his speech, the minister indicated that the next stage should represent a real lever and an advanced platform for the Iraqi state to achieve the highest levels of the supreme national interest, in the service of our honorable people, and in line with the government program that the Iraqi parliament voted on.