Minister of Foreign Affairs receives a copy of the credentials of the new Japanese Ambassador to Iraq

 On Sunday, 10/23/2022, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein received a copy of the credentials of Mr Matsumoto Futoshi, the new Japanese ambassador to Iraq. they discussed the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Tokyo, and means to advance them to meet the aspirations of both friendly peoples.

 The Minister emphasized that Iraq’s geographical location represents an element of strength in the region due to its large reserves of natural resources.

His Excellency touched upon the dialogues that the Prime Minister-designate is conducting with the political powers in order to form the new government as soon as possible, which would lead to the stability of the internal situation in Iraq.

  The Minister affirmed his support for the new ambassador’s efforts to enhance the relations between the two countries and develop the bilateral cooperation to achieve the common interests and wished the Ambassador success in his duties, expressing the readiness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide the diplomatic mission in Baghdad with all facilities.

 on his part, the Japanese ambassador extended his congratulations to the Minister on the occasion of electing the President of the Republic and designate Prime Minister to form the next government, emphasizing the desire of his country’s government to enhance the bilateral relations which contributes to supporting the cooperation and joint coordination at various levels.

 adding That Iraq is a strategic country in the region and has balanced relations with its geographical neighbours and the other countries of the world, and that Japan is determined to upgrade its relations with Iraq.