Press release

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Mr Muhammad Kazem Al Sadiq, as a consequence to the artillery bombardment and air strikes with rockets and drones on several cities and villages in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, over the past days, particularly on Wednesday morning, 28/9/2022, which caused loss of lives of a number of safe Iraqi civilians and wounding others, including women and children, and caused intimidation to the population, spreading panic among them, and destroying infrastructure.

The Head of the Department of Neighboring Countries, Mr Ihsan Al-Awadi, handed the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Iraq, a strong note of protest which included the Iraqi government’s condemnation of this crime, which has constituted a continuation of the Iranian forces’ attacks on Iraq’s sovereignty and the sanctity of its territories, and it has taken a new turn that cannot be tolerated, targeting the safe citizens inside the depth of Iraqi cities.

The Ministry stressed in the note its rejection of these actions and the consequent intimidation of the safe citizens. The ministry called the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and comply with its obligations stipulated in international covenants and to stay away from the military action and the language of weapons in addressing security challenges. The Ministry warned of this action and its repercussions on the societal peace of both countries, and on regional security and stability.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs