Minister of Foreign Affairs Receives Head of the International Investigation Team (UNITAD)

On Wednesday, 14/9/2022, Foreign Minister, Mr Fuad Hussein, received Mr Christian Richard, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and head of the International Investigation Team on Accountability of the terrorist organisation (ISIS) for its crimes committed in Iraq (UNITAD) and his accompanying delegation.

They discussed the developments of the work of the international team in Iraq and the extension of the international team’s mandate, and discussed the mechanisms to facilitate its mission in accordance with its mandate under Security Council Resolution (No. 2379) of 2017, in a way that supports the capabilities of the Iraqi competent authorities regarding the investigation and identification of crimes committed by (ISIS). During the meeting, they reviewed the tasks assigned to the international team to support the local efforts to hold ISIS accountable.

The Minister valued the international team’s efforts, affirming the importance of continued communication and coordination with the relevant Iraqi authorities, in a way that contributes to facilitating and implementing its tasks and fulfilling its mandate based on the terms of reference of the team, and in full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty and jurisdiction over crimes committed on its territory.

On his part, Mr Christian Richard emphasized the continuation of the international team to intensify communication and coordination with the Iraqi competent authorities to implement its programmes of supporting local authorities to hold ISIS accountable, capacity building and the use of advanced technology in evidence preservation and archiving, commending, at the same time, the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the various Iraqi institutions in facilitating the tasks of the international team and ensuring the success of its mission.