Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Discusses with Minister of Interior the regulation of the entry of Foreign Pilgrims to perform the Ziyrat Al-Arbaeen

On Thursday, 25/8/20222, the undersecretary for policy, Dr Salih Hussein Al-Tamimi, and his accompanying delegation, which included, the assistant Department and heads of the consular sections, met the Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanimi at the Ministry of the Interior’s headquarters. During the meeting, they discussed a number of topics related to joint work, and the ongoing coordination and cooperation between the two mysteries in several areas, foremost of which is the issue of official papers on organising the entry of pilgrims from outside Iraq to commemorate the Ziyrat Al-Arbaeen.

The conditions of Iraqis outside the country, including those who lack official identity document and have constraints in terms of  ID and passports, were also discussed, as well as the return of immigrants and the need to coordinate between Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of migration and Displaced.

The undersecretary also requested to provide the embassies that contain a printing system with blank passports for the urgent need. The sides agreed to start supplying the embassies early next week, as well as a passport system will be installed at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Ankara to serve the large Iraqi community.

Minister of the Interior, Mr Othman Al-Ghanimi, commended the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in resolving several matters related to the mutual work, as well as the actions being taken to organise the work of diplomatic missions, confirming at the same time that Ministry of the Interior is ready to provide full support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealing that Ministry of the Interior would begin issuing E-Passport soon.  

On his part, the Undersecretary extended his thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Interior for his considerable attention in supporting security and stability and his keenness to intensify joint cooperation and coordination in the service of public interest.