Undersecretary for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Omar Al-Barzanchi “The Iraqi Diplomacy Conveyed a Rosy Picture on social and cultural pluralism in Iraq”

The Undersecretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Omar Al-Barzanchi, has affirmed that Iraqi diplomacy contributed to enhancing interfaith dialogue, conveying an optimistic image on the social and cultural components in Iraq, as it has been characterized by the national identity which brought together all other societal identities.

This came during a lecture delivered by Mr Omar Al-Barzanchi, Undersecretary for Administrative, Technical and Legal Affairs, entitled (Diplomacy of Religions) during the diplomatic course which is being held in the Foreign Service Institute to promote some diplomatic staff.

Mr Al-Barzanchi spoke about diplomacy and cultural diversity. He also touched on distinguished models of diplomacy in Islam since the beginning of the divine message, emphasizing the need for the Iraqi diplomat to have the qualities of dialogue and toleration of other cultures and to defend the values and culture of his country and expressing them clearly during meetings with diplomatic counterparts.

The Undersecretary urged the staff of promotion course to take care of Iraqi citizen abroad regardless of his identity and affiliation, as every citizen is an ambassador for his country and represents Iraq with all its components.