Canadian Foreign Ministry Holds Farewell Party in Honour of Ambassador Dr  Wadi’ Batty

 The Canadian Ministry of Foreign has held a luncheon in honour of ambassador Dr Wadi’ Batty on the occasion of conclusion of his task in Canada.  In the presence of Ms Sandra McCardell, Assistant Deputy Minister of Foreign of Canada, representing the Canadian Minister of Foreign affairs, the heads of the Protocol and Middle East departments, in addition to the Dean of the Council of Ambassadors of the Arab League, and a number of other ambassadors and officials at the Canadian Ministry of Foreign affairs.

 In her speech at the luncheon, Ms McCardell extended the thanks of the Canadian Minister of Foreign affairs, Ms Mélanie Joly, to the ambassador for his efforts and continuous cooperation over the past three years in enhancing the bilateral relations between Iraq and Canada, and developing them in various fields, emphasizing Canada’s continued fixed position in supporting Iraq  and the democratic experience in it and its support in eliminating terrorist and criminal cells.       

Ambassador, Dr  Wadi’ Batty  expressed in a reply speech Iraq’s appreciation of Canada’s position and its continuous support for it, whether in its war against the ISIS terrorist organisation, or through Canada’s role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) mission, and also in the large amount of aid training and humanitarian programs that Canada implemented over the past years in Iraq.     

 He affirmed Iraq’s desire and keenness to build the best relations with Canada, particularly in fields economy and investment, noting that the opening of the new Iraqi Consulate General in Greater Toronto is the truest expression of Iraq’s desire to develop these relations.

During the invitation, Ms Sandra McCardell presented a souvenir from the Canadian Minister of Foreign, Ms Mélanie Joly, which is a sculpture made by the indigenous people of some rare stones in Canada. In turn, the ambassador extended his thanks and gratitude to the Minister of Foreign affairs, and all its other officials for the support and care he had received during his tenure in Canada, wishing the government and people of Canada further progress and prosperity.