Minister of Foreign Affairs Receives Telephone Call from the British Minister of State

On Friday, July 29, 2022, the Minister of ForeignAffairs, Mr Fuad Hussein, received a telephonecall from the British Minister of State for Middle East Affairs, Ms Amanda Anne Milling, throughwhich she expressed her condemnation and denunciation of the bombardment on a tourist resort in the city of Zakho/ Duhok province, on 20th Jul, 2022, resulting in the martyrdom and injury of numerous of safe Iraqi civilians, including women and children, affirming that the international community is awaiting the results of the investigation reached by the Iraqi government.

They also discussed the current developments and their impact on the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Ankara, confirming the need to find a joint dialogue between the two neighboring countries.

The two ministers reviewed the bilateral relations between Iraq and the United Kingdom, means of enhancing them, and discussed the latest developments of the regional and international arena.

On her part, Ms Amanda Milling affirmed that the United Kingdom is fully committed tosupporting the sovereignty of Iraq in order to ensure its security and stability.