Foreign Ministers of Iraq and Iran Discuss by phone the Iranian-Saudi Dialogue and the Jeddah Summit

On Monday, 18/7/2022, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Fuad Hussein discussed by phone with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdollahian files of common interest on the bilateral relations and regional issues, foremost of which is the Iranian-Saudi dialogue in Baghdad.

The two sides exchanged visions and views on some regional and international issues of common interest. The Minister touched upon Iraq’s participation in the Jeddah Summit which had held last Saturday in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, confirming that the Iraqi government had held necessary dialogues and consultations at the Jeddah Summit on regional cooperation, stating that Iraq continues its efforts to enhance peace and stability in the region.

On his part, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Amir Abdollahian, thanked Iraq for its efforts and constructive role in launching and following up the regional dialogues in the framework of enhancing stability, security and development in the region, declaring Iran’s readiness to continue exchanging ideas on the bilateral and regional files of common interest.