Head of the Department of Human Rights meets the Charge d’affaires of the Spanish Embassy to Baghdad

Head of the Department of Human Rights, Dr Husham Al-Alawy has met the Charge d’affaires ad Interim of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain to Baghdad, Ms Maria Di Louse at the headquarters of the Ministry.

During the meeting, the Ambassador Al-Alawy welcomed Ms Maria and he received an invitation to participate in the high level meeting to enhance Human Rights while countering terrorism. The meeting is due to be held in Spain next month with the participation of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr António Guterres and Ministers of other countries. The Charge d’affaires emphasised the importance of Iraq’s participation in the aforementioned meeting since Iraq has wide expertise in the field of counterterrorism in line with respecting human rights.

Ambassador Al-Alawy promised that he would do his best to guarantee Iraq’s high level, wide expertise for in this important international forum.