Minister of Foreign Affairs Congratulates the Republic of Italy on the occasion of the National Day

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Fuad Hussein, has congratulated the Republic of Italy on the occasion of the National Day, saying: “It is a pleasure to be with you today to celebrate the anniversary of the National Day of the Republic of Italy, on this occasion I would like to extend my congratulations to the friendly Italian government and people, wishing them further progress and prosperity”.

Minister Fuad Hussein expressed the depth and strength of the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries, which had been characterized by their historical nature in strengthening the common interests on all levels, stating that Italy has a significant role in supporting democracy in Iraq, commending the tireless efforts of the Italian government in reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Mosul Dam through its innovative engineering companies in exceptional circumstances, where the mission was accomplished in support of the dam’s continuity of work well for years to come. It also endeavoured to support charts and graphs of the infrastructure of modern cities in many governorates of Iraq.

He affirmed that Italy continues to support the political process in Iraq and the parliamentary elections that was hold last year, extending his thanks to the Italian government for training our Iraqi forces, and for its vital role in participating in the international coalition to defeat ISIS.

He also congratulated the Republic of Italy for assuming the NATO command in Iraq and for its important role within the international coalition in providing advice and training to all our Iraqi security forces to eliminate ISIS, calling upon the Italian government to sign a partnership agreement in various economic and commercial fields in the near future, and to expand the role of international partnerships with major developed industrial countries to serve Iraq and its people.

He called on Italian companies in the private sector to engage more effectively in all economic fields in Iraq, and to move forward with joint steps to create bilateral economic and trade partnerships to dedicate the development path in creating a secure environment enhancing with confidence from the governments of the two friendly countries.