Minister of Foreign Affairs and His Moroccan Counterpart Confirm Opening of the Moroccan Embassy in Baghdad Soon

On 13/5/2022, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Fuad Hussein, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr Nasser Bourita, confirmed the opening of the Moroccan Embassy in Baghdad soon,  the importance of returning the Iraqi-Moroccan relations to the way they were before and developing them on all levels. They called for implementing the joint Iraqi-Moroccan committee and holding its meetings in Baghdad next July.

This came during a meeting in the Kingdom of Morocco on the sidelines of the Minister’s participation in the ministerial meeting of the International Coalition to Combat ISIS, which was held in Marrakesh on 11/05/2022.

The two sides agreed to sign an agreement on political consultations between the two countries, which will be signed during the upcoming visit of Mr Nasser Bourita to Baghdad, and to activate the political consultation between the two countries to coordinate positions in their common interests.

The Minister Mr Fuad Hussein confirmed the historic relation between Iraq and Morocco, and Iraq seeks to enhance and expand it, revealing that the government tends to create an attractive investment environment, provide means to develop promising investment opportunities for Moroccan companies, seek the assistance of Morocco in building the industrial, economic, and agricultural infrastructure and increase the cultural exchange between the two countries through twinning universities, adding: “We work to enhance the cooperation between the two countries in the judicial field and others.

Mr Fuad Hussein expressed his aspiration to develop security and intelligence cooperation to eliminate terrorism in the region and to combat its extremist religious ideology by the methods previously used by the Kingdom.

They exchanged visions and assessment on the overall developments of regional and international issues of common concern, addressing the various challenges which affect the region, advancing peaceful resolutions that would achieve security and stability, and advance the process of cooperation to realise peace and development aspirations.

 The two sides discussed the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, and its repercussions on the various political, economic and security levels.