Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Amman Attends the Ceremony of Transferring the Holy Light to Iraq

 Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Hashemite Kingdom and the State of Palestine, Haider al-Athari, has attended the ceremony of the Holy Light and its transfer to Iraq.

 The ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in Amman, with the presence of Archbishop Christophoros Atallah and a number of representatives of Christian churches from the Iraqi community.

Mr al-Athari congratulated members of the Christians, especially the Iraqis, on the occasion of their events and the rituals of the Holy Light and its transfer to Iraq, explaining that the Prime Ministry and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence have worked to provide a special military plane to transport the Holy Light to the Syriac Orthodox Diocese in Mar Matti Monastery in Nineveh Governorate, and the Embassy took charge of preparing the necessary logistical procedures to secure that within its field of work.

The Ambassador referred to the importance of religious and national diversity in Iraq and the need to preserve it and spread peace and love among all sects and nationalities.