Minister of Foreign Affairs “The Forum of Civilizations is an important platform through which peoples can get acquainted and exchange intellectual and cultural product”

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Fuad Hussein called the Fifth Forum of Ancient Civilizations, during a meeting with the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr Hasan Nadhem, , to take initiatives working to build human solidarity among the diverse societies to confront violence and discrimination, and address hate speech, referring to the need to enhance intercultural dialogue and human dignity, believing that the Civilizations Forum is a significant and comprehensive platform for all, through which peoples can get acquainted, and exchange the intellectual and cultural product.

The two ministers discussed the ongoing preparations to hold the 5th Forum of Ancient Civilizations, to be held in Baghdad in the last quarter of 2022, headed by Iraq, with the participation of Iran, Greece, China, Egypt, Italy, India, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia.

Minister Fuad Hussein confirmed the importance of disseminating the culture of dialogue among civilizations, stating that culture of racism cost the world significantly, as the entire world’s wars are based on the culture of abhorrent racist trends which were translated into hatred, and this hatred in turn were accumulated and led to wars.

 The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Legal Affairs and Multilateral Relations, Dr Qahtan al-Janabi, Head of the Department of Organisations, Dr Abbas Kadhum Obaid, Dr Laith Majid Hussein, Head of the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, and Mr Falah al-Ani, Director General of Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Culture have attended the meeting.