Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Berlin Participates in the Middle East Conference in Mülheim

 Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Berlin, Luqman Abdul Rahim al-Faili, has participated in the 22nd session of the Mulheim Conference on the Middle East for the period 6-7/ 2022/5.

The conference had focused on the developments in the situation in Iraq and the Levant, a discussion of opportunities for Europe and Germany for influence, and a review of their foreign policy towards that region.

The conference was held in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for Research and the Catholic Academy of Wolfsburg, with the participation of the Hamburg Peace Center, and the President of the Munich Security Conference Christoph Heusgen, the former German Ambassador Andreas Reinke, a number of academic figures, as a several political and economic files in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria were discussed.

The Ambassador gave a presentation on the situation in Iraq and its relations with the neighbouring countries, and the role that it can play as a mediator to consolidate the stability of the Middle East region. His Excellency mentioned during the presentation that Iraq is an important country for Europe and Germany, and the need to continue supporting it, especially in the areas of vocational training, exchange of experiences and banking management.