Minister of Foreign Affairs Expresses Iraq’s Concern over Developments between Russia and Ukraine, and Deterioration of the Humanitarian Situation There

On 17/04/2022, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein received the Chargé d’Affaires of the Ukrainian Embassy in Baghdad, Mr Alexander Porvzhnikov. During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries, the impact of military operations between Russia and Ukraine, and their repercussions on the humanitarian level, and on international peace and security, as well as their considerable economic impacts on the countries of the world, including Iraq.

The Minister expressed Iraq’s concern about developments between Russia and Ukraine, the deterioration of the humanitarian situation there, and the importance of recourse to further dialogues that would defuse the crisis, in a manner that preserves the security and safety of the Ukrainian people, and the rest of the peoples of the region.

His Excellency stated that Iraq had suffered a lot because of the scourge of wars, therefore, Iraq is against wars and the policy of imposing an economic embargo, because it targets peoples. Thus, Iraq supports all efforts that seek to reduce tension, put an end to the military operations, work for calming and restraint, and respect for the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and the Sovereignty of states over their territories, Referring to Iraq’s efforts with the Arab Contact Group, is an attempt to bring the two sides together.

On his part, the Ukrainian Chargé d’Affaires appreciated the work of the Iraqi Embassy in Ukraine, expressing his country’s thanks and appreciation of the type and volume of aid provided to Ukraine, and they welcome any additional assistance from any party.