Minister of Foreign Affairs: It is high time for women to be half of the society in management and leadership

Text of the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fouad Hussein during the ceremony held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the Global Women’s Day  on 8/3/2022.

Peace be upon you;

I am pleased to meet today and we celebrate the woman as a mother, sister, and partner at work, home, and decision-making. It is a day which means focusing on the historic struggle of women; and represents a day of celebration to crown her achievements and contributions to the society. Thus, we extend our congratulations to every woman, wishing them a procession culminated in human achievement.

As a woman is a half of the society in terms of quantity, it is high time for her to be half of the society in management and leadership. On this global occasion, we affirm our support to the woman; her equality with a man; non-discrimination; renounce violence against her; secure decent education; and active participation in managing the present and future of life.

A salutation to our mothers, sisters, daughters, and partners. A salutation to those who created our glory; released our dreams; and spread the essence of loyalty and identity. A tribute of appreciation with gratitude to those who produced Iraq’s pride and gave birth to all this extended hope… to those who came from the insistence of martyrs and gave lessons of history with letters made of light.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The empowerment of the woman is a major responsibility of the Iraqi Government. To achieve this, it should exceed the limits of theories and overcome the obstacles through granting rights; achieving social justice; gender equality; and eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence in order to achieve its aspired end. As the achievement of prosperity and development cannot be done without empowering women in all fields to contribute to building the positive effective change.

I express my high consideration for the exerted efforts by the relevant sectoral government bodies through the adoption of the second national plan for the Security Council Resolution No. (1325) on women, peace, and security as it paves the road for their empowerment.

The engagement of women in decision-making centres is regarded as a highly important issue and gives back what is anticipated of her in drawing a better future for all members of the society; and enhances her confidence in drawing a bright future for her where she assumes a leading role.

As mentioned above, it was not far from the policy of our Ministry which adopts building and implementing the capacities of its female staff and encouraging them to assume important positions and engaging them in multiple work joints.

I am overwhelmed with a feeling of pleasure and pride where I see among the ranks of the Ministry staff a fascinating constellation of active women. I look forward to seeing them in important leading positions in the Ministry and in our missions abroad.   

The Iraqi woman has faced compelling circumstances, especially her role to confront the brutal forces of darkness; and the massive murder adopted by the extremist and takfiri groups.

In these hard times, woman has given and is still giving a variety of images of composure, courage, and patience in the most extremist situations. She has structurally contributed to fostering the noble ethical values for our society and preserving them. She has inspired all people with vigour, good management, and dedicating lessons. Hence, we salute her on this occasion wherever she is for enduring the burdens patiently and steadfastly.   

Here, I commend the adoption of the Iraqi House of Representatives for the law to protect the Yazidis survivors No. (8) in 2021 which aims at providing justice to the Iraqi women after they were exposed to the most heinous crimes that humanity witnesses, at the hands of members of the terrorist Da’esh organization. Also, the law seeks to compensate the Yazidi women for the violations committed against them and providing programmes designated for suitable psychological rehabilitation to ensure their proper return to the society and living a decent life again.

We also commend the active presence of the women within the staff of the White Army and their role in confronting the negative impacts of the (Covid-19) that swept the entire world and Iraq has suffered from it a as result.

In conclusion, we cannot but highly appreciate the role of the Iraqi woman and we bow our heads in esteem to those who gave their lives for the liberation of the country and deliverance from terrorism; and for those who were captivated and tortured in prisons and camps, the best salutations to the woman who gave and is still giving.

Peace be upon you.