Ministry`s Undersecretary for the Multilateral and Legal Affairs chaired the Coordinating National Committee NCC

       Undersecretary of the Multilateral and Legal Affairs Dr. Qahtan Taha Khalaf chaired the NCC, and Mr. Gerald Casy Chief of staff of the International Investigation Team about the terrorist gangs of ISIS crimes UNITAD and representatives of the National Committee aforementioned at the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs HQ have attended the meeting.

    The meeting reviewed minutes of the workshop held in Erbil for the period      12-13/1/2022. The most important topics reviewed were the Digitization Project and facilitation task mechanisms of the International Investigation Team, writing a monthly report on the NCC work, and emphasis on the issue of training Iraqi Judges and Investigators and employees of National Investigations organs.

    The Undersecretary has confirmed the readiness of Iraq to strengthen ways of cooperation with the International Team, referring coordination importance and facilitating it`s work, and he expressed his gratitude for Mr. Gerald Casy and all the attendants.