Head of the Department of Human Rights Holds an Interactive Dialogue with a Group of professors of Al-Mustansiriya University

On 24/3/2022, the Head of the Department Human Rights, Ambassador Dr Hisham Al-Alawi, held an interactive dialogue with a group of professors at Al-Mustansiriya University headed by Dr Abdul-Amir Al-Asadi, former Dean of the College of Political Science, at the Ministry’s headquarters.

At the beginning of the dialogue, Dr Al-Asadi presented a book to Ambassador Alawi entitled “Human Rights”, which he co-authored with a distinguished elite of specialized academics, briefly reviewing the most important topics addressed in the book.

Ambassador Al Alawi gave a briefing on the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in general, and the Department of Human Rights in particular in addressing important and sensitive files related to human rights at the national and international levels, reviewing the Department’s role in the next stage to overcome obstacles and improve the level of joint institutional work between the concerned governmental bodies and the UN agencies.

Dr Al-Asadi and the accompanying academic staff gave a brief explanation of the role played by the educational institution in improving the level of awareness of human rights, starting with the child, who represents the promising future of the country, moving horizontally on all segments of society, and the importance of effectively empowering women in the real participation in building the state.

The participants in the interactive dialogue affirmed the need to raise the level of coordination and joint work between the governmental institution and the academic institution, to benefit from its scientific expertise in decision-making and to participate in drafting of the laws related to human rights.