Minister of Foreign Affairs Discusses Environmental and Climate Issues with US President’s Special Envoy for Climate

On 26/03/2022, the Minister of Foreign Affairs,Fuad Hussein, discussed with Mr John Kerry, the US President’s Special Envoy for Climate, on the sidelines of the 20th Doha Forum, issues of the environment and climate, and the dangerous climatic changes that Iraq is exposed to in the future.

The two sides discussed the challenges faced by Iraq in the future, including the status of desertification, the danger of water blockages, the reduction of the water quota, especially from rivers whose resources are from outside the borders, the impact of the oil industry and the continuity of burning associated gas on the environment, and the use of electricity and alternative energy to reduce those emissions.

During the meeting, the Minister affirmed Iraq’s endeavour to enter a new environmental era and confront the repercussions of climate change through regional and international partnerships, referring to Iraq’s accession to all UN climate-related agreements, including the 1992 United Nations Climate Change Agreement, the 2015 Paris Agreement, and the initiative to completely eliminate spontaneous gas flaring by 2030.

On his part, the US President’s Special Envoy confirmed the United States’ readiness to provide support and expertise to Iraq, and to provide services and other assistance to build alternative energy, stating that the importance of continuing communication between the two sides to create mechanisms for joint action in all areas.