Italian-Arab Friendship Society Holds an Honorary and Dialogue Symposium for the Ambassador of Iraq at the International Press Building in Rome

The Italian-Arab Friendship Association has held a dialogue symposium in honor of Her Excellency Safia Talib Al-Suhail, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Rome, at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Building in Rome, with the presence of a number of journalists and the head of the foreign press. During the symposium, Her Excellency was awarded an honorary shield in appreciation of her role and efforts during her term in opening prospects for cooperation in various fields between the Italian-Iraqi sides.

 A number of distinguished Ambassadors, heads of diplomatic missions, led by the Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps, the Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman, Dr Ahmed bin Salem Baomar, the Head of the Diplomatic Mission of the League of Arab States in Rome, Her Excellency Enas Makkawi, Her Excellency Mira Dhaher, Ambassador of Lebanon, a number of senior journalists, research institutions concerned with following up the Arab world and Iraq’s affairs, as well as the representative of the National Agency, have attended the ceremony. From the Italian side, the Italian-Arab Friendship Society in Rome, Mr Massimo Marziali, and Ms Sanaa Al-Shami, official in charge of cultural and international cooperation in Venice have attended the ceremony.

 Al-Shami described Iraq’s Ambassador as “the Ambassador of all Arabs” and said, “She is the ambassador who transcended national boundaries to occupy a prominent position as the President of the Near East and North Africa Regional Group at the Food and Agriculture Organization, and how beautiful it is to be honoured at the headquarters of the foreign press, which represents (370) correspondents from (54) countries. The president of the Society, Martin Van Daren, welcomed the Arab attendees and confirmed that the Society will continue to maintain the relations with the Arab diplomatic missions and Arab communities, referring to the significant role that Her Excellency played in building bridges of communication between civil society organisations, the parliament, the Iraqi government, and international institutions and organisations to create horizons of joint cooperation through her participation in interfaith and cultural dialogue activities, solidarity and peace campaigns, and avert war regionally and internationally, and she is supportive  of humanitarian, cultural and human rights civil society organizations, and she contributed to visibility of the Iraqi culture, arts and heritage. The representative of the National News Agency, Talal Al-Khurais, thanked the initiative sponsored by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Head of Mission of the League of Arab States, and said” The Ambassador of Iraq was able to reflect the true image of the Iraqi civilization and the good people, and during this period she was a compass for us as Arabs, and she realised strong relations and ties and opened all doors with the friendly country Italy.”

 On her part, Her Excellency thanked the attendees and spoke about the stages that Iraq went through after 2003, the victory over terrorism, and about the steps that were achieved on the way to recovery from those crises, as she considered the relations with Italy as excellent relations, and confirmed that Iraq is very keen on the unity of Arab countries.

At the end of the ceremony, the President of the Italian-Arab Friendship Association presented Her Excellency with an honorary shield in appreciation of her important role and tireless efforts, and he referred to the Italian Minerva Award for the year 2011 which she had won under the auspices of the President of the Italian Republic for her excellence and her activity in supporting women’s political participation and her human and cultural interests, saying that our country Italy is proud of Ambassadors like her.