Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sponsors a Training Course on International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law

On 10/2/2022, the Acting Head of the Legal Department Bilal Mahmoud Attia opened the training course sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at its headquarters, in cooperation with the International Investigation Team on Accountability of the terrorist organization ISIS for its crimes committed in Iraq (UNITAD), entitled (International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law), with the participation of representatives of the relevant Iraqi institutions in coordination with the International Team (UNITAD) and employees of some departments of the ministry. Professor of International Criminal Law, Dr Muhammad Ibrahim, former Egyptian criminal judge, Officer of International Team’s Investigative Capacity-Building Initiative (UNITAD).
The Acting Head of the Legal Department expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the International Investigation Team (UNITAD) in the implementation of its programmes, including capacity building, stating that the held session will discuss possible cooperation mechanisms to hold the terrorist organization ISIS accountable for its crimes committed in Iraq, confirming the ministry’s constant readiness to support the mission of the international team’s work and to implement the tasks entrusted to it within the relevant Security Council resolutions to reach the goals of its formation.

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