Head of the Department of European Affairs Discusses with the Romanian Ambassador the Upcoming Visit of the Romanian Official Delegation to Baghdad

On 30/1/2022, the Acting Head of the Department of European Affairs, Plenipotentiary Minister Tariq Adel Al-Shaher, met the Romanian Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Radu Octavian Dobri, at the Ministry’s headquarters.
The two sides discussed the upcoming visit of the Romanian Minister of State for International Affairs and Diplomatic Strategies of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Cornel Verona, to Iraq next February, at the invitation of the Senior Undersecretary, Mr Nizar Al-Khairallah, with a view to resuming political consultations and enhancing the bilateral relations between the two countries.
During the meeting, the head of the Department of European Affairs also raised the issue of lifting the European ban on the Iraqi flight in the special review to be held next June in the European Commission in Brussels, requesting Romania’s support to Iraq in this regard. The head of the Department of European Affairs requested providing scholarships for Iraqi students to obtain masters and doctoral degrees at the Romanian universities.
They also discussed the issue of exempting holders of diplomatic and service passports from entry visas between the two countries, and the importance of Romanian companies’ participation in investment and the reconstruction of infrastructure.
On his part, the Romanian Ambassador expressed his desire to enhance the bilateral relations with Iraq on all levels, given the importance to Romania, affirming that the upcoming visit of the Romanian Minister of State aims to enhancing ways to promote bilateral relations, and the importance of creating new horizons for cooperation between Iraq and Romania, especially After the formation of the new Romanian government, as the coming period will see visits by Romanian government officials and parliamentarians to Iraq to discuss areas of common interest, extending his thanks and appreciation for the warm reception, confirming the importance of enhancing and developing Iraqi-Romanian relations to serve the interests of both countries.
The head of the East Section, Counsellor Zainab Abdel-Amir Shawi, and the official of Romanian’s desk, First Secretary Bashar Moath attended the meeting.