Head of the Protocol Department Discusses with Deputy Head of the French Mission the Facilities Provided to Iraqi businessmen and French Organisations

On 1/2/2022, the Acting Head of the Protocol Department, Dr Ali Shamran Hachem, received Mr Jean Christophe, Deputy Head of the French Mission to Iraq, at the Ministry’s headquarters.

 The two sides discussed a number of topics, the most important of which is facilitating the granting of entry visas to businessmen and operating companies, especially in the light of the conditions of the Corona pandemic, and creating common means of cooperation, as well as for the French working in civil society organisations to follow up their humanitarian activities carried out in Iraq.

 The deputy head of the mission thanked the head of the Protocol Department for all the support provided to the French diplomatic mission in terms of facilities and assistance to carry out its tasks in a manner that serves the common interests of the two countries.

The Deputy Head of the Protocol Department, Mr Samer Gamal Hasan attended the meeting.