Within the Diplomacy of Restitution, Iraq Recovers Six Artefacts from Switzerland

The Charge d’affaires ad interim of the Republic of Iraq, Mr Hindarin Ali Mustafa received on the morning of 10/3/2022, six Iraq archaeological artefacts from the Chairman of the Swiss Federal Office for Cultural Affairs (FOC), Ms Fabian Barca, with the presence of the Senior Advisor of the MENA Department of the Swiss Federal Office for Foreign Affairs, Jean Daniel Bratz. This comes under the framework of the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by the Iraqi Embassy in Bern, and in implementation of the directions of H.E. Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi and H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Fuad Hussein on the follow-up of the smuggled Iraqi antiquities and their return to its rightful owner, Iraq.

 The Swiss side has expressed its pride in the Iraqi history and civilization and what it gave to humanity, over the ages of values and knowledge in various areas.

 Counsellor Muayad Hasan, Head of the Legal and Cultural Section, and 3rd Secretary, Wasnaa Munthir Nu’man have attended the meeting.