Iraq Participates in the Emergency Meeting of the Arab League Council at the level of Permanent Representatives on the Ukraine Crisis

 Dr Ahmed Nayef Rasheed Al-Dulaimi, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo and its permanent representative to the League of Arab States, has participated at the emergency meeting of the Council of the League of Arab States at the level of permanent representatives on the developments and events in Ukraine, at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.

During the meeting, they discussed the current developments in Ukraine and their effects on international peace and security, as well as its direct impact on the Arab countries in relation to both parties to the crisis, and on the level of their friendly peoples. The Council has concluded the approval of the following:

  1. Expressing concern about the developments of current events in Ukraine, and supporting all efforts aimed at resolving the crisis through dialogue and diplomacy, in a manner that preserves the security and safety of peoples in this important region of the world.
  2. 2. Emphasizing the importance of respecting the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations, supporting efforts aimed at reducing tension, and calling for the initiation of measures of restraint, to ensure the return of stability and normal life.
  3. Expressing concern about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation and confirming the importance of continued cooperation and coordination between Arab countries to preserve the security and safety of the Arab communities that are currently in the region, to facilitate the transit of those willing to go to neighbouring countries, and to maintain the security and safety of members of Arab diplomatic missions.
  4.  Recommending the formation of an Arab contact group at the ministerial level to follow up and conduct the necessary consultations and contacts with the concerned parties to contribute to finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis, and to authorize the General Secretariat to conduct the necessary consultations to adopt this recommendation.